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Smart Client Deployment Architecture


25/08/2010 - Posted by | Amdocs, CRM, Smart Client, Technology


  1. Yuval,

    Great site and amount of info is phenomenonal. I have a question though:

    What additional load does moving from Classic client-> Smart Client put on user/Workstation? If the desktops are old would the performace further degarde if we move to Smart Client?

    Comment by Mayank | 02/05/2012 | Reply

    • Mayank,

      Moving from Classic client to Smart client should certainly improve performance.

      Old Classic Client is a Client-Server MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) based application which is connected to a single database.

      Smart Client provides the following technical capabilities:
      • .5 sec Performance (client)
      • Robust customization environment
      • Upgradeability

      As well as the following advantages NOT available in Classic client:
      • Zero Desktop Administration
      • Rich Control Set
      • Support for conversion/migration
      • Architectural Alignment
      • Multi-tiered Customization
      • Desktop Integration capability
      • Centralized Business Logic
      • Access to full CRM application set
      • Single UI for Amdocs Portfolio

      Smart client use latest Java – J2EE and Web Start technologies which only use the code required by the client application. It can be seamlessly connected to several backend databases (I.e. CRM, Ordering) thus providing a unified desktop for the CSR.

      The unified desktop eliminates the “Alt Tab” navigation by contextually launching other desktop applications inside the application (i.e. customer interaction) area, thus providing single point of history for all interactions, across all applications, context-driven navigation).

      In terms of user experience, Smart Client provides much richer capabilities compared to its Classic client predecessor.
      – It reduces desktop complexity by hiding legacy screens and incorporating data into a single desktop screen.
      – Data is accessed from other applications in the background, transparent to the user.
      Background tasking capability streamlines tasks flows and eliminate “cut & paste” by automating across nested applications.

      Moreover, customization and application maintenance are much more powerfully compared with old ClearBasic technology. Smart Client provides improved architecture and development tools, faster time to market for new functionality, common UI (look and feel) and tools improves integration capability and support for multi-tiered customizations.

      For more information on Smart Client see


      Comment by Yuval R. | 03/05/2012 | Reply

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