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Setting Search Grid Properties

I was asked the following question:

Hi Yuval
I want to set the style for Search Grid control, but I don’t know how set it?
Could you tell me to set the style for Search Grid controls?
for example:  Set the width of columns, scroll…

Many thanks


Grid Properties

General Grid properties set the overall Grid control behavior.  For example:

  • autoResizeMode
    Sets the auto resize mode of a grid.
  • gridColumnSequence
    Sets the column sequence by the input column name order, the column sequence is an ordered collection of column names.  The order of this collection represents the order of columns in a grid like display. The column orientation, either from left to right or from right to left depends on the end users locale setting. The column order string is delimited by comma.
  • preferredRows
    Sets the preferred height of the control in logical units. In other words, define Setting the value to -1 restores the default behavior.Scrolling will be set according to the number of records provided in the Display Tabular Data Model (TDM) versus the grid height. If the number if the total height of rows to be displayed is larger than the Grids height – then scroll bars will be displayed (you can limit the number of retrieved records from the database by setting the application’s workspace variable gridDefaultNumRequested to your preferred capacity (the default is 20).


 Column Properties

Each Search Grid (or any simple grid) column is directly related with a UI control (I.e. label, textbox or a dropdown). The column’s control properties set the column rendering attributes such as column width etc. 

When setting Grid’s column controls properties, note that within the column main properties, you will find a property named ‘control’. This ‘control’ can be expanded to reveal a group of sub-properties. Both types of properties set the way the column will be displayed. However, note the difference behavior impact between ‘main’ properties and ‘control’ properties which have similar name. 

For example, assuming we need to display a three columns Grid. We need to add three Label controls under the Grid control (drag 3 label controls and drop them under the Grid control).

The following label column ‘main’ properties (marked in red) will set the following behavior:

  • Title 
    Column title
  • columnSpan
    Indicates by  how many columns this column is to be spanned.
    Value   1 or 0 means no span.
    Value of  -1 means span the whole row.
  • Visible
    Sets the visibility of the entire column space:
    When set to  false the whole column space is removed (our example grid will show only two columns).

 Control Properties

The following are ‘Control’ properties (marked in green):

  •  horizontalAlignment
    Sets the horizontal alignment of the (optional) icon and text.
  • horizontalTextPosition
    Sets the horizontal position of the text relative to the icon.
  • preferredColumns
    Sets the column width.  Setting the value to -1 restores the default behavior (defined by grid’s property).
  • Visible
    Sets the visibility of the column contents. Does not remove column space.
    When set to false the column space remains in Grid (our example grid will show three columns), but column content will be empty.

For complete list of properties, follow the Smart Client designer properties tooltips, or read programmer’s documentation.

Look and Feel

Smart Client Framework also provides a Look and Feel control using Style sheet. This sets the UI controls appearance on the screen. The style sheet defines styles, each style group set of display attributes. In order to apply a style to specific Grid, the Grid’s style property needs to be set to the style name.

The following L&F style attributes can be applied on a Grid:

  • Border
    The border for a search grid is applied around the table, including the column titles. It does not surround the search grid header (the area containing the Search Now button etc.). In order to set a border around the entire search grid, place the search grid in a panel and apply the desired border to that panel.
  • alternateRow
    A 24-bit number; 3 X 8 bits RGB components  I.e.: Red -> 0xff0000
    Used to paint row’s background alternately between table’s background color and the specified alternate backgroundColor.
  • rowHeight
    Row height in pixels. I.e.: 18
  • gridColor
    Color             a 24-bit number; 3 X 8 bits RGB components  I.e.: Red -> 0xff0000
  • showGrid
    Boolean         true or false
  • showHorizontalLines
    Boolean         true or false
  • showVerticalLines
    Boolean         true or false
  • backgroundSelectionColor 
    Color    3 X 8 bits RGB components      I.e.:  Red -> 0xff0000
  • textSelectionColor
    Color             a 24-bit number; 3 X 8 bits RGB components  I.e.: Red -> 0xff0000
  • backgroundHighlightColor
    Color             a 24-bit number; 3 X 8 bits RGB components I.e.:  Red -> 0xff0000
  • textHighlightColor
    Color             a 24-bit number; 3 X 8 bits RGB components I.e.:  Red -> 0xff0000
  • focusBorderColor
    Color             a 24-bit number 3 X 8 bits RGB components  I.e.:  Red -> 0xff0000


  1. Hi Yuval
    About “Look and Feel”, I don’t know how create it
    Could you tell me to create a style sheet and apply to Grid?

    Thanks and best regards

    Comment by quantran | 27/08/2010 | Reply

    • I shall refer to the Look and Feel (L&F) issue in one of my next posts.
      Stay tunned for this one.


      Comment by Yuval R. | 27/08/2010 | Reply

  2. When do you post about “Look and Feel”?

    Comment by quantran | 31/08/2010 | Reply

  3. Hi Duval:
    I’m new on Smart Client development and I would like to know where to find some documentation or tutorials. I’m looking forward to learn and I need some help. Can U help me??


    Comment by Alfredo | 13/06/2012 | Reply

    • Hi Alfredo,

      Smart Client documentation is an exlusive property of Amdocs and is only available
      directly from Amdocs sales reprsentatives.

      Smart Client training classes are provided by Amdocs Learning services.
      NextGen Consulting can also provide such training classes for large groups,
      provided they have Amdocs license to use the software.

      Unfortunately, I can not provide training for individuals.
      In the mean time I hope you find this site helpful.


      Comment by Yuval R. | 13/06/2012 | Reply

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