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Classic Client

Classic client was created by Clarify as a Microsoft application using MFC(Microsoft Foundation Classes). Classic client behavior (customization) uses a licensed Visual basic 5 library named BasicScript, developed by Summit software. This library was further enhanced by Clarify Corporation to support the original CRM metadata layer named POMS (persistent object management system).  The enhanced VB5 customization library is known as ‘ClearBasic’.

Classic client interacts with its database either directly (2 tier mode) or using the Tuxedo transaction monitor as an intermediate layer which optimize SQL queries and transactions between the client and the database (3 tier mode).

Clear Basic customizations use the form as a base unit, which encapsulates internal data models called contextual objects.

The contextual objects data models mostly follow POMS metadata (database table structure) and are used to bind UI controls with the database objects.  For runtime in-memory data manipulation the ClearBasic…

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